Details are like a heart, we can’t live without it…

Depending on which side of the table you are, details can seem like a never ending task, taking all your energy over and over again. However, for us, at Cher Amour, details are like the holy grail! We look for them, we want more, and most importantly we adore and cherish them.

The Art of Details goes beyond the design itself. Details are the base of every event. From the design, naturally, but also from the choice of the venue to the floral arrangement and even the timeline of the day, details are the reason why an event goes from great to amazing. And, at Cher Amour, we want you to be astonished!

While conceiving your event, we first focus on the latter to then build a structure around it. We want to know each and every detail of your dream, and from there our journey together starts.

Color palette, tableware selection, music, textures, production and so on, they all need to dance together as one. Truth be told, this is what we love to do most, and this is also why you want us to be here.

Robert Brault once said, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”, and we couldn’t agree more from a “detail” perspective!

Floral arrangement, pink, cream and blush with cristal glasses on a wedding reception table
Photographed by Thomas Audiffren

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