Whatever your wish is, we are here to make the latter a reality. From two people, to several hundreds, your joy knows no limit to us. No matter the size, we want you to experience the “French Art de Vivre” in all it has to offer. From the tiniest details to the perfect symphony that is your event, we take care of everything for you and your guests to be fully in the present moment.  

Are you dreaming of a wedding in one of the most exclusive Châteaux in France? A welcome party in the finest vineyards? An elopement just the two of you, driven by French History?


Why should you wait for something special to celebrate life? Bespoke and tailor-made to your vision, we turn your deepest wishes into reality. So what are you waiting for? Let’s celebrate together and create souvenirs you will cherish your entire life!

Full-Service Planning & Design - On request

When, how, where? So many questions, yet none of them should be of your concern. You are ready to ask this special someone you love most dearly to spend the rest of your life with you, and we feel, at Cher Amour, you shouldn’t worry about anything else!
Let us take care of everything… Well, we still need you to be here to make your proposal!

ready to propose ? congratulations !

Full-Service Planning & Design - On request

Love is one of life’s most beautiful gifts. We nurture it, and cherish it every day, therefore, when it comes to celebrating it, love has no limit. However, we believe one must feel only love during this precious time. Stress, planning, organization, these words must be out of your vocabulary during your wedding. This is why we are here. When details can appear as an endless task for you, they are our passion. When design can seem overwhelming, it is our expertise. And at the end of the day, while we add one detail after another, we create magic altogether.

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Getting to know you, personally and as a couple is essential to our work. This journey is about showing your love to the world, and it is only through this personal insight that together, we can craft a story that looks like you.

Hi, I’m Camille! 

Shaping your dream


Now that we know each other better, there is so much to do! Pick a date, pick a location, pick the vendors, decide on the floral design, the dresses, different colors, the timeline, and we can go on and on! Be reassured, this is the reason why we are here. You will have all the fun, and we will make your life as easy as it should be!

Isn’t turning your dreams into reality the greatest achievement ever? This is what we want you to feel. We don’t want you to worry about anything else other than enjoying this moment a hundred percent. 


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Experience the charm of Burgundy surrounded by the finest vineyards and let yourself go in a world of enchantment. Live unique moments in the most exquisite places Paris has to offer. But most importantly, experience the “French Art de Vivre” like never before. We are here to make this day unforgettable.

We asked Camille to coordinate our wedding last summer. After reviewing all of the services we had booked, she gave us a lot of advice and managed to create an even more perfect day than we had imagined! She took over from all our suppliers and allowed us to really enjoy our day. Thank you Camille!

Claire & Joshua, newly wed

I attended a wedding managed by Camille. The decoration was magnificent, every detail was part of the decoration, I was impressed! The day was beautiful. We had some rain during the cocktail, but this change in weather did not affect the day, everything had been well prepared and thought out so that we were sheltered and enjoyed every moment with friends and family. What I particularly appreciated was to see Camille present and listening to the bride and groom but also to the guests. Very nice wedding and wonderful memory!

Lucie, guest to a wedding

Thanks to the organization of this event, we took full advantage of surrounding the bride and groom and sharing this moment with happiness, without concern. Reception, listening, vigilance as for the smallest details, discretion, constant relation between the members of the team which accompanied us this weekend there.
Know-how and creativity have conquered us!

Mylène, guest to a wedding


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